Bridal Packages

Bridal Diamond Package

Do you have a year or more before your wedding?

  • Customized consult with Kacia to discuss your goals
  • Three BBL and three Moxi treatments
  • Four Wrinkle relaxer treatments
  • Tailored skincare regimen
  • One filler treatment to any area of the face or two to the lips (if more than two syringes of filler is needed, additional costs may apply).
  • Three facial treatments including dermaplaning

Total value: $9,525

Package Price: $8,750

Bridal Emerald Package

I only have six months!

  • Customized consult with Kacia to discuss your goals
  • Three BBL and three Moxi treatments
  • 2 wrinkle relaxer treatments
  • Tailored skincare regimen
  • Two facial treatments including dermaplaning

Total value: $5,350

Package Price: $4,900

Laser Packages


Three BBL



Combining one BBL and one Moxi



Combining BBL and Moxi skin rejuvenation treatment
3 BBL and 3 Moxi



Three moxi treatments


Rose Quartz

5 forever clear treatments for Acne as well as specialized skin care recommendations


Laser Packages for Body

Citrine Package

BBL to face neck and chest

Package of three: $2650

Sapphire Package

Three BBL to back or chest


Add on hands to any package $100. Contact about pricing for other body parts.

Neck Packages

The neck starts to show signs of aging earlier than other parts of the body. The best results are often seen by a combination of therapies. In my experience, combining an initial series of three hyperdilute Radiesse treatments with BBL photo therapy and a good neck cream with retinol yields the best results. Hyperdilute Radiesse stimulates your own collagen to thicken crepey tissue, while BBL has been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production while also reversing the aging of your skin DNA. Sometimes we may also choose to use wrinkle relaxer on neck bands, and even a smooth filler directly into lines.

Neck icon

Don’t Forget the Neck

3 hyperdilute radiess treatments, three BBL treatments and medical grade neck cream


Woman's neck comparison before and after Sculptra treatment

Scar Treatment Package

cheeks icon

Scar Treatment Package

Microneedling is the gold standard in treating scars. Typically treatment consists of 5-7 sessions of microneedling spaced 4 weeks apart. Add topical PRF for even greater healing benefits.
5 Microneedling sessions with PRF


Yearly Membership

The Forever Vibrant Yearly Membership

Come in up to once per month to receive a forever young BBL treatment. Benefits include:

  • Increased collagen and elastin
  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Clearer, brighter, skin
  • Reduced redness or pigment, sun and age spots.
  • Sciton BBL was studied at Stanford University and clinically proven to reverse the aging of your skin’s DNA. Read article.

Total value: $6,000

Package Price: $5,000

Additional body parts such as chest and neck can be included for an additional $3000 per year.